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Carrier's Cart to Oxford

Growing up in the 1920s in the Oxfordshire village of Elsfield
by Mildred Masheder

A vibrant picture of village life in the Oxfordshire village of Elsfield, home in later life of John Buchan, seen through the eyes of a child growing up in the 1920s. It is a realistic account of her family life on the farm and in the village, and of her schooling. It depicts a bygone age when village children roamed freely in the countryside, making the fields, the farm buildings and the road their playground.

However, this is not a nostalgia trip. There were fears as well as joys and everyone knew their station in life, which meant hard work for the majority of adults and soon servitude for many of the young. Meanwhile children enjoyed the rhythm of country life in a stable, well-ordered community.

“I am delighted to commend Carrier's Cart to Oxford as an absolutely fascinating, absorbing social history of village life in the 1920s. This delightful history may be favourably compared with well-known works such as Lark Rise to Candleford and Cider With Rosie.”
Dr Neil Hawkes, former Senior Education Adviser for Oxfordshire.

£10 pbk 140pp 978-1902279-28-2
40 photographs. With line drawings by Susanna Masheder