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Winchcombe: A history of the Cotswold borough

by D. N. Donaldson

This book tells the story of life in Winchcombe from earliest times.

The main themes are the parallel development of the borough and the abbey from Saxon times to the abbey¹s dissolution in 1539; various attempts to revive the borough¹s fortunes between 1540 and 1840; and the town¹s Victorian renewal, leading to the present day.

The aim is to encourage residents and visitors alike to understand and cherish their inheritance in this gem of the Cotswolds.

The book is illustrated with many historic photographs and illustrations.

D.N. Donaldson has lived in or near Winchcombe and explored the town¹s history for over 25 years. His abiding concern is for environmental conservation, founded on a true understanding of how the community¹s past shapes the present and helps to influence the future.

£14.95 pbk 272pp 978-1-902279-12-1