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Where there's a Will

A study of Woodstock probate documents, 1530-1700

Edited by Patricia Crutch, Antony Smith and Royston Taylor

For about 20 years, The Woodstock Society's local history group has been transcribing seventeenth-century documents from Woodstock. For this book, over 300 probate documents and more than 40 wills have also been transcribed, providing often detailed information on the following aspects of life in Woodstock in the 16th and 17th centuries:
  • an overview of probate documents outlining the wealth of testators and their economic management.
  • the size, layout and contents of houses, providing a background to life in the town.
  • widows, their role in the family and their involvement in town affairs.
  • costumes and changing fashions in the town over 150 years.
  • personal belongings, both personal and utilitarian, found in the homes of Woodstock residents.
  • the occupations of local men and women.
Illustrated with line drawings by Brenda Cripps.

£9.99 paperback 140pp 978-1-902279-32-9

Published May 2008