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God's Holy Hill: A History of Christianity in Cuddesdon

by Mark D. Chapman

This book charts for the first time the religious history of a very special
parish: for good or ill, the village of Cuddesdon in Oxfordshire with its
Bishop¹s Palace and Theological College, has left its own indelible mark on
the Church of England.

Using many unpublished sources, the author traces the history of a village
whose life has been inextricably bound up with abbots, bishops and clergy
for well over a thousand years. Even before the coming of Christianity it
was an important Saxon burial site. From as early as 956 it was an major
source of revenue for the monks of the great Abbey of Abingdon, who built
its beautiful church of All Saints.

After the Reformation Cuddesdon became the home of the Bishops of Oxford for
much of the time from the 1630s to the 1970s. From 1854 it has housed a
Theological College founded by the great Bishop Samuel Wilberforce which has
educated many thousands of clergy in the Anglican Communion.
It would be fair to say that the whole history of Christianity in England
has been expressed in microcosm in this one small Oxfordshire village. As
many of the events in the book reveal, Cuddesdon played a supporting role in
many of the great events in the history of the English church and state.

Mark Chapman is vice-principal of Ripon College Cuddesdon, curate of All
Saints church, and a member of the theology faculty of Oxford University.
His books include Ernst Troeltsch and Liberal Theology (Oxford) and The
Coming Crisis (Continuum).

£12.99 pbk 224pp 978-1-902279-20-6 With 110 b/w illustrations